Anna Kasterova: Russian Journalist And Wife of Evgeni Malkin

One of the well-known Russian-Soviet journalists is Anna Kasterova. anna’s truly gained notoriety because of her husband Evgeni Malkin, a Russian professional ice hockey star .

Anna Kasterova Life

Anna Kasterova is a famous journalist, Anna was born in Russia On September 21, 1984. She is a well-known Russian television host who has been on Good Morning Russia and Russia-2. Astrologers claim that Anna Kasterova is a Virgo by birth. In 2016, Anna Kasterova was married to hockey player Evgeni Malkin. They gave birth to Nikita on May 31, 2016, six months later.

Anna Kasterova Physical Stats

Anna Kasterova is a pretty young woman with a pleasant disposition. She physically has an hourglass shape as well. She is a decent 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her total body weight is somewhere around 55 kg. She has gorgeous hazel eyes and beautiful, dark brown hair.

Anna Kasterova Career

Anna Kasterova began her career as an editor for the TNT channel’s program Moscow after receiving her degree. anna has also hosted the Morning Russia program. Besides that, she had the chance to work for organizations like the BBC, NTV, and Russia 2. Anna has hosted shows like Headbutt Football and the Bolshoi Sports Program since she is really interested in sports.

Anna’s Relationship with Evgeni Malkin

In 2013, Evgeni Malkin and Anna Kasterova began dating. They were living in various places when they first began their relationship. They both had to handle their long-distance romance because Anna lived in Moscow. Not to add, they performed a fantastic job. Malkin initiated communication with Anna. However, not even she is aware of how Malkin obtained her contact information. Anna thought he was a really gentlemanly man as they conversed.

Malkin may have had a few relationships before Anna entered his life, according to speculations. There is, however, no additional information on it. Anna and Malkin are still together as of 2022 and have a good connection.

The Little One Likes To Play With Hockey Stick 

Anna took a plane to America in 2015 and moved in with Malkin. The couple made their pregnancy public in 2016. A charming son named Nikita Malkin was born to them. They then obtained their marriage certificates in one of the Pittsburg registration offices in the early months of 2016. It is also reported that the young boy’s preferred activity is playing with a toy hockey stick. The family frequently gets together.

Anna: The Wealthiest Journalist 

One of the wealthiest journalists on the planet is Anna Kasterova. Several online estimates place her estimated net worth as of 2022 at roughly $1.5 million. Her career has allowed her to earn a sizable sum of money. She makes good money as a television personality as well. Thanks to the money she makes from her job, she and her family are currently living a contented and prosperous life.

Anna’s Social Profile

With over 163K Instagram followers with 452 posts and over 315 Twitter followers, Anna is clearly a social media lover. She frequently posts pictures with her husband and her son and of course flaunting herself in her new wardrobe collection and professional shoots. For More Information you can visit on her Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Anna’s Covid-19 News 

During the COVID-19 situation, just like everyone else the couple too decided to maintain social distance, following which Anna on her Instagram posted a story asking her followers to suggest her one or two series to watch for some time. Anna got many replies including some of her favorites in them but an anonymous person replied ‘pornhub’,  to which Anna replied “Bad acting.”


Where was Anna Kasterova born?


When was Anna Kasterova born?

September 21, 1984

What is the name of Anna Kasterova’s husband?

Evgeni Malkin

What is the name of Anna’s son?

Nikita Malkin

What is Anna Kasterova’s age?

37 years.